A partial list of Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. marine salvage projects include:

Salvage of a sunken reel barge
A salvage plan was prepared and on-site assitance provided for the salvage of a sunken reel barge. This salvage was
particulary challenging because all internal compartments were communicating and thus generated a huge free surface. 

Salvage of the damaged crew vessel GIS PEARL
Stowage plan and stability calculations were provided for the barge transport of the damaged crew vessel GIS PEARL that
was salvaged by Inland Salvage Inc.

The design of grillage and seafastening arrangements were provided for the barge transport of the 2 hull sections of the recovered
fishing boat SANDY POINT from the salvage site to the storage/investigation site... >>

Engineering and on-site assistance for the salvage of the new hopper barge EVA JOAN that broke and folded in the San Francisco
Bay... >>

Estimate ground reaction and free floating stability of the vessel CASITAS, which ran aground on the Pearl and Hermes Atoll... >>

Procedures and assistance for the recovery and installation of the Rancocas Creek bridge after the barge on which it was being
erected capsized... >>

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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