Frank van Hoorn, president of the company, has presented a number of papers at various symposia worldwide, provided articles for trade magazines in the marine industry, and wrote a chapter for a textbook on naval architecture, see also the following list.

Heavy-Lift Ships - Weathering the Storm, prepared for "Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International" magazine, July 2017;

The Influence of a Quay Crane Sea Transportation on its further Exploitation (main author: Maksym Starykov of Palfinger Marine), published on "Taylor & Francis Online" website, April 2017;  

Heavy-Lift Transport Ships - Overview of Existing Fleet and Future Developments, presented at the MOSS 2008 conference in Singapore, March 5-7, 2008. MOSS paper 32;

Barge-Assisted Draft Reduction of the Semi-Submersible Drilling Unit GSF DEVELOPMENT DRILLER I for Tow-Out from Ingleside to Offshore Gulf of Mexico (co-authors: W. Weaver, J.N. Brekke of GlobalSantaFe, and S.D. Devoy of Matthews-Daniel Co.), presented at the 26th International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Artic Engineering, San Diego, CA, June 10-15, 2007. OMAE Paper 29751;

Container Crane Transport Options: Self-Propelled Ship versus Towed Barge, presented at RINA conference on Marine Heavy Transport & Lift, London, 20-21 September 2005;

Heavy-Lift Ships, Chapter 52 of the updated "Ship Design & Construction", Vol. 2, published by SNAME, June, 2004;

Mating of the MOLIKPAQ Drilling Rig, presented at the Northern California Section meeting of the SNAME, Berkeley, CA, June 10, 1999;

The Conoco JOLLIET TLWP Transport, presented at the Offshore and Arctic Operations conference, Houston, TX, January 29, 1995;

A Conceptual Design of a Convertible Heavy-Lift (CHL) Ship, presented at the Golden Gate Section meeting of the ASNE, Oakland, CA, June 9, 1993 and at the ASNE Day in Washington, DC, April 28, 1994, as one of the "Best of '93" papers;

Ocean Transport of Fully Erected Container Cranes, presented at the Northern California Section meeting of the SNAME, Oakland, CA, October 8, 1992;

World's Largest Jack-Up Transported from Singapore, "Ocean Industry", April/May 1992;

Past, Present, and Future Military Applications of Semi-Submersible Heavy-Lift Vessels, presented at the Savannah Section meeting of the ASNE, Savannah, GA, January 30, 1992;

Moving the GALAXY I: How the Challenge was Met, "Drilling Contractor", Vol. 47, No. 6, October/November 1991;

Design Criteria for Self-Propelled Heavy-Lift Transports - And How Theory Correlates with Reality, presented at the Second Offshore Symposium on Design Criteria and Codes, Houston, TX, April 4-5, 1991;

Uberseetransport mit halbtauchenden Schwergutschiffen, "Jahrbuch der Schiffbau-technische Geselshaft", Berlin, November 1990;

Semi-Submersible Heavy-Lift Ships in Operation, "Schip en Werf", No. 8, August 1990;

The Dry Transport of the Green Canyon "Tension Leg Wellhead Platform" by a Semi-Submersible Heavy-Lift Ship (co-author: S.D. Devoy of Matthews-Daniel Co), presented at the Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, TX, May 7-10, 1990. OTC paper no 6471;

Repatriation of the Mine Stricken U.S. Frigate SAMUEL B. ROBERTS by a Self-Propelled Heavy-Lift Vessel, 1988;

Dry Transportation of Large Semi-Submersible Units (co-author: R.P. Dallinga of MARIN), presented at the Workshop on Floating Structures and Offshore Operations, organized by MARIN, Wageningen, The Netherlands, November 19-20, 1987;

Assessment of the Damage Stability of a Heavy-Lift Ship Transporting a MODU, presented at the conference on Mobile Offshore Structures, organized by the City University of London, London, September 14-17, 1987;

Technical Challenges Associated with Dry Transportation, presented at the joint winter meeting of the Texas and Gulf Sections of SNAME, Houston, TX, February 14, 1986. Paper published in the "Marine Technology", Vol. 24, No. 1, January, 1987;

(Un)Known Aspects of Dry Transportation, presented at the conference on the Jack-Up Drilling Platform, Design & Operation", organized by the City University of London, London, September 25-27, 1985;

A Study on the Behaviour of a Heavy Load Barge in Long Crested Seas, Delft University of Technology, December 1982;

The Results of Model Tests of a Heavy Load Barge with Different Bilge Configurations, Delft University of Technology, September 1982;

Comparison between Fixed Accelerometers and Potentiometers for Measuring Ship Motions on Model Scale, Delft University of Technology, September 1982;

A Feasibility Study on the Application of Linear Acceleration Transducers for Measuring Ship Motions, Delft University of Technology, April 1982;

An Analysis of Lerbs Equivalent Profile Method, used on Roughened Propellers, Webb Institute for Naval Architecture, Glen Cove, July 1981.

Frank van Hoorn presents his paper at the MOSS conference

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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