Project Summary

In December 2020, the new floating SFFD Firehouse 35 was secured to its mooring piles at Pier 22-1/2 in San Francisco. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. was involved with the design of the float and its mooring to 4 guide piles. Extensive MOSES frequency and time domain calculations were preformed to calculate the float motions in typical and extreme storms and compare the results with the Faltinsen comfort criteria.

The float was constructed in China by ZPMC. Before it was transported by Jumbo, using their project cargo vessel JUMBO FAIRMASTER, the cribbing and lashing calculations and drawings were reviewed and commented on. In January 2020, after a carefully weather routed Pacific crossing, the float safely arrived in the San Francisco Bay and was offloaded into the water and temporarily moored at Treasure Island for construction of the firehouse. In November of that same year, the hull was surveyed to verify the construction met the ABS rules for steel barges.     

Scope of Work

The project scope included:
  Modeling the float with mooring piles, access ramp, and Moose boat alongside;
  Calculate float motions and mooring forces as function of wave height, wave period, and wave direction;
  Analyse relative motion of access ramp in various wave conditons;
  Review the float dry transportation calculations and drawings, including effect of float overhang;
  Survey the hull for construction quality.

Project Photographs

Photograph courtesy of Power Engineering Construction Co.

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SFFD Firestation 35 moored at pier 22-1/2
The new SFFD Firestation 35 float moored at Pier 22-1/2